Space utilization software to optimize and create an adaptive workplace

As the world of work is going through a phase of unparalleled change, CRE teams need to be nimble and adaptive in order to optimize portfolios for Return to Office and beyond. Book a meeting to learn how you can achieve your workplace objectives with utilization technology.

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Our Space Utilization Software enables data-driven real estate decisions

Corporate Real Estate professionals are challenged with a lack of actionable insights to properly manage return to the office today and the perceived new norm of tomorrow. Uncertainty around when COVID will end and what this new norm will look like is making accurate utilization data more important than ever. CRE teams need to ensure they have the proper technology in place to analyze how employees consume space when they return to office.

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Portfolio reduction

Under-utilization was a known problem pre-COVID. Our solution enables you to reduce your portfolio by saving on unnecessary leases.

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Data-driven workplace design

In order to be adaptive to the new situation, enterprises need rich data and utilization infrastructure. Our solution provides you with pro-active insights to inform workplace design.

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Improve employee experience

Employee sentiment and safety are important factors, with collaboration and productivity also demanding attention. Quantified utilization insights help optimize the employee experience.

HubStar space utilization is a platform for data-driven Corporate Real Estate Management

The HubStar Space Utilization Software is a Building Intelligence Platform that provides real estate & workplace teams with aggregated utilization data and guided analytics for data-driven decision making. HubStar enables customers to reduce overall real estate spend while positively impacting employee productivity and workplace experience.

Space optimization platform for Enterprises & Higher Education institutions

Hubstar Space Utilization provides the lowest Total Cost of Ownership and fastest Time to Value by leveraging existing data sources that can be deployed in weeks on day 1 (badge, WiFi). With data informed decisions going forward, more granular data sources can be layered in as business requirements and use cases dictate.


In order to get utilization insights across a large CRE portfolio quickly, it is critical to be able to leverage utilization data from multiple sources, yet analyze the data from a single analytics view. Our solution provides just this.


Our timetabling solution for Higher Education allows you to maximize the economic capacity of Campus Estate.

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