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An all-in-one platform for managing your hybrid workplace experience, from igniting in-person collaboration, to space and occupancy management.

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All-in-one dynamic workplace platform

Everything you need to measure and manage your hybrid workplace experience

HubStar Utilization

Measure, predict & optimize occupancy from a single source of truth.


HubStar Experience

Bring people together with purpose, to connect and collaborate.


HubStar Scheduling

Manage any type of resource, predict demand and eliminate booking friction.


HubStar Space

Next-generation space management built for the new world of work.


Why workplace innovators love HubStar

Full Interoperability

Full interoperability

HubStar is an end-to-end platform that works with the tech you already have. Whether you have one HubStar product or leverage the full platform, deep integrations provide capabilities that didn't exist until now.

Normalizes Your Data

Normalizes your data

From badge swipes and booking to sensors and WiFi, HubStar's patented algorithms automatically pull your data together into a single source of truth. Move beyond data headaches and get to work.

Strategy Agnostic

Strategy agnostic

HubStar enables you to measure and optimize any strategy, in the face of perpetual change. Whether you're solving for a specific use case or experimenting with hybrid patterns, there's no rigidity risk as the tech will adapt.

Decision Making Metrics

Decision-making metrics

HubStar provides not just comprehensive and accurate data, but a decision improvement toolkit. Get intelligent suggestions to prompt real-time tweaks and make high-value decisions with confidence.

Technology That Just Works

Technology that just works

Informed by decades of experience and vetted by customers, HubStar is engineered for high performance and limitless scale. Handle complex regional requirements, data sources and nuances with ease, out-the-box.

Hardware Independence

Hardware independence

HubStar's advanced utilization analytics work with WiFi only (sensorless) or with any combination of multiple sensor types in one platform. Future-proof your strategy by remaining vendor and hardware independent.

Hubstar Scheduling Feature Packed

Engineered for the new world of work

Learn, experiment and make high-value decisions to boost workplace experience while reducing waste.

  • Get a comprehensive picture of actual and predicted utilization across your entire portfolio (with or without sensors)
  • Give every employee an easy-to-use mobile app with a virtual assistant that removes booking friction
  • Manage your floorplans and hybrid space assignments with unprecedented ease and speed
Solutions Connection & Collab

Wellbeing & connection, by design

Build a culture of belonging, by providing amenities that facilitate relationship-building and innovation.

  • Boost wellbeing and connection with get-togethers that foster strong relationships and creative ‘collisions’
  • Manage occupancy in real-time, with insights and intelligent recommendations
  • Make fact-based space design decisions by bringing together data from WiFi, booking, sensors and access control into a single source of truth
Utilization Single Source Of Truth

Our innovation philosophy

Many workplace platforms sound similar on the surface, but HubStar works very differently under the hood.

  • We believe in thinking through all the details that matter, so you don’t have to
  • We believe in configuration, not customization, so HubStar will handle problems you haven’t even thought of yet
  • We believe in performance and interoperability at scale, delivering unrivalled time-to-value even with complex requirements

Power up your hybrid workplace experience

HubStar is #1 for interoperability. Plug-and-play integrations like the examples below and more work with the tools you already have. Streamline your hybrid work experience and see value sooner than you think.

WiFi infrastructure

Using anonymized Wi-Fi data HubStar’s patented algorithms provide prescriptive analytics from portfolio to zone-level, powering data-driven real estate decisions.

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Occupancy sensors

HubStar’s patented algorithms unify occupancy sensor data with other sources like WiFi and scheduling to remove data headaches and extract actionable insight.

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Access control

HubStar integrates with access control, unifying badge swipe data with sources like sensors and WiFi, while enabling passive check-in.


BI platforms

HubStar's full API for any data integration supports all of your business intelligence initiatives.

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Authentication / user provisioning

Streamline onboarding with single sign-on and seamless integration with your existing systems for a secure and efficient user management experience.

Active Directory

Stay safe, secure & connected

Enterprise-grade security, privacy and accessibility
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Book a meeting room on mobile, Outlook or desktop and add Zoom or Teams for remote attendees

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Book anything directly from Outlook, with our best-in-class integration. Turn Outlook into a virtual assistant with insight-driven suggestions on the perfect room or desk, based on individual habits and preferences.

Certified with ISO 9001, ISO 27001 & ISO 27701
Privacy protection
GDPR compliant
Accessibility Compliance
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Secure hosting,
no PI data storage

3 employee interfaces, perfectly in sync

Outlook Experience

Outlook Experience

Supercharge Outlook with a deep integration that helps you find and book the perfect desks, space or hybrid meeting.

Mobile Experience

Mobile Experience

Give everyone a virtual assistant in their pocket that'll recommend when to come in and book everything for you.

Web Experience

Web Experience

Find work friends, book from a floorplan, access workplace analytics and fine tune employee experience.

What our customers say

Improved space utilization

Reduced our no-show rate by over 70%. The Outlook integration is very easy to use - our IT team was very happy. Implementation was great. We were up and running in days.

Easy to use and powerful

We implemented the platform to run 65 rooms and 4,000 desks. It was quick, straightforward, scaled well and was flexible with our unique requirements.

A pretty nifty system

Ease of use is almost foolproof. Smooth management of rooms, catering and complex requirements, while minimizing double booking. It has made the management of our spaces much easier and more professional.

“We will not make any meaningful real estate and workplace decisions without HubStar data.”

Fortune 50 HubStar client

Workplace Strategy: A Post-Pandemic Deep Dive for Workplace Innovators

Watch the on-demand webinar now to explore:

  • A 3-step process for defining a workplace strategy that improves employee experience while reducing costs
  • The top 3 common pitfalls that lead to epic waste
  • How to gather and use actual and predictive utilization data to drive change