Meeting room and space scheduling software

Create a collaborative, productive workplace experience by freeing up unused space and finding the perfect room every time.

Meeting Room Hero

Book, manage and measure anything

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Meeting room booking

Scalable, flexible and secure space scheduling that people love to use

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Desk booking

Sit with friends, create neighborhoods and find the perfect desk

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Lockers, parking & more

Schedule and optimize anything, from sleep pods to a catered lunch

Book, manage and measure anything

Scheduling Product Icons (2)

Meeting room booking

Scheduling Product Icons (1)

Desk booking

Scheduling Product Icons

Lockers, parking & more

A Personalized Vip Room Booking Experience

A personalized, VIP room booking experience

Let us take care of the details, so you and your team don’t have to.

  • No more bad experiences scrolling through endless options and picking the wrong room
  • Reserve the perfect meeting room in seconds, with intelligent recommendations based on habits and preferences
  • Let your virtual assistant find and book for you
Mobile First Human Centric Room Booking

Mobile first, human centric room booking

Always find the right people, meeting spaces and amenities for frictionless collaboration.

  • Easily see what’s available and book meetings last-minute or in advance
  • Locate your meeting room on a floor plan, invite guests and add extras like catering, AV equipment, parking or a theatre-style room layout
  • Search and filter spaces based on location, capacity and amenities
Bring People Back To The Office With Purpose

Bring people back to the office, with purpose

Encourage in-person get-togethers to boost wellbeing and connection.

  • Book meeting rooms for your team in seconds to ignite collaboration
  • Add desks, lunch, lockers, parking… anything you need for a productive day
  • Let your virtual assistant recommend the perfect time to come in
A Space Booking App That Makes Hybrid Work

A space booking app that makes hybrid work

Empower everyone to create their ideal itinerary for the day with visit planning and schedule coordination.

  • Fill gaps in your calendar by booking some focus time, coffee with a workmate or a yoga class
  • Go with your virtual assistant’s recommendations or override them easily to break from your usual routine
  • Change your status to ‘at home’ and automatically resolve conflicts, like switching your meetings to remote attendance and releasing your room bookings
Scalable Enterprise Meeting Room Booking

Scalable, enterprise meeting room booking

Today’s fast-changing landscape demands a space reservation system with rapid time-to-value and the flexibility to cope with problems you haven’t even thought of yet.

  • Handle complex hybrid or regional policies with ease
  • Automate compliance with a ‘rules engine’ that enables you to configure amenities, approvals and policies by resource
  • Scale to hundreds of thousand of meeting rooms and spaces without compromising performance

The room booking app your people will love to use

Make fact-based space design decisions with analytics

Remove the guesswork from improving your workplace experience, with the most advanced and easy-to-use dashboards on the market

Book meeting spaces from your Outlook calendar

Experience an Outlook integration built like no other. Remove IT headaches and deliver a seamless room booking experience with intelligent suggestions

Handle infinite resource types and regional nuances

Build for enterprise scale and consumer-level usability. Measure and manage anything, from focus booths and sleep pods to parking and lunch

Room booking rules for easy policy compliance

Automate policies by configuring rules by room, desk or any other resource, e.g. approvals for specific rooms or notice periods for ordering catering

Why HubStar Scheduling

Full Interoperability

Full interoperability

HubStar is an end-to-end platform that works with the tech you already have. Whether you have one HubStar product or leverage the full platform, deep integrations provide capabilities that didn't exist until now.


Out-the-box best practice

Informed by decades of experience and vetted by customers, HubStar gives you best practice and a set of metrics out-the-box; while being configurable enough to adapt to unique requirements without custom coding.


Configurable user experience

Continuously optimize your end user experience with custom branding; the ability to configure and optimize your booking journey with editable forms and notifications; and a 'rules' engine that automates compliance.

Intelligent Suggestions

Eliminate booking friction

Booking tools are often great for the company but a drag for employees. Instead, we empower everyone to collaborate and connect, with a virtual assistant in their pocket to help them have a great day at work.

Technology That Just Works

Technology that just works

Informed by decades of experience and vetted by customers, HubStar is engineered for high performance and limitless scale. Handle complex regional requirements, data sources and nuances with ease, out-the-box.

Radical Speed

Rapid time-to-value

HubStar delivers unrivalled speed of implementation. The combination of configurability, rich out-the-box functionality and plug-and-play integrations means you'll be up and running in no time.

3 employee interfaces, perfectly in sync

Outlook Experience

Outlook Experience

Supercharge Outlook with a deep integration that helps you find and book the perfect desks, space or hybrid meeting.

Mobile Experience

Mobile Experience

Give everyone a virtual assistant in their pocket that'll recommend when to come in and book everything for you.

Web Experience

Web Experience

Find work friends, book from a floorplan, access workplace analytics and fine tune employee experience.

More features to improve your hybrid workplace experience

Find your friends

Find a space near your workmates that perfectly fits your preferences

Eliminate no-shows

Improve space utilization with clear visibility of resource usage and unused bookings

Privacy controls

Hide meeting names to protect sensitive meetings and comply with GDPR

Catering & services

Add a catered lunch to your booking, with elegant menus and full hospitality workflow

Custom branding

Customize the platform to fit your brand, by adding your own logo, banner and colors

Frictionless check-in

Say goodbye to check-in frustration and patchy data, with multiple check-in options

Maps / floor plans

Take your user experience to the next level with interactive office floor plans


Supports multiple languages out-the-box with custom support on request

Stay safe, secure & connected

Enterprise-grade security, privacy and accessibility
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Book a meeting room on mobile, Outlook or desktop and add Zoom or Teams for remote attendees

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Book anything directly from Outlook, with our best-in-class integration. Turn Outlook into a virtual assistant with insight-driven suggestions on the perfect room or desk, based on individual habits and preferences.

Certified with ISO 9001, ISO 27001 & ISO 27701
Privacy protection
GDPR compliant
Accessibility Compliance
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Secure hosting,
no PI data storage

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