Improve employee experience by visualising space utilization data

Smoothen the process of finding available workspace by displaying vacant workspace in the entrance of your buildings.

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Improve employee experience

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Increase productivity

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Find workspace with ease

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Visualize real-time data

Identify optimization potential in your portfolio

Learn how you can leverage intelligent building solutions and space utilization data to improve the employee experience.

Where all of your insights come together

40% of employees regularly waste time searching for an available workspace. Increase productivity and workspace satisfaction by enabling employees to easily find an available workspace.

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Highly scalable

Our starting point is to use data that is already available in your building today. This makes HubStar the most scalable solution for measuring occupancy in large offices and global real estate portfolios.

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Future proof

Any type of data can be integrated to increase the granularity of insights. This allows you to focus on data-driven decision making rather than researching and testing technologies.

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Privacy by design

Privacy matters. It’s a human right. Therefore we handle privacy by design. We are fully compliant with all existing privacy regulations including GDPR. We welcome audits by your privacy organization.

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Customer success

The success of our customers is at our core. For this reason we have a clear focus on achieving business goals and delivering real life value.

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Planning for the new norm: A Guide to Return to Office & Beyond

Read this guide to get insight into how to plan for the new norm with utilization technology.

Frictionless office experience

New workplace strategies like hotdesking or flexdesking mean that employees waste more time finding an available workspace. Visualize space utilization data through WallyXL to improves the employee experience and smoothen the process of finding available workspace.


WallyXL displays occupancy data on screens in your buildings in real-time.


Visualizing space utilization data increases productivity and enhances the employee experience by reducing the friction in finding available workspace.


Space utilization visualization in your buildings enables employees to easily select their desired workspace.

Wally Tv Screen
Real Time Utilization
Heatmap Utilization Overtime

Realtime occupancy platform for the next generation of data-driven Facility & Real Estate managers

The Position Intelligence Engine (PIE) is a cloud-based technology platform that makes buildings intelligent by using real-time data. Based on smart algorithms, PIE is able to calculate where and how many people are present in the building. PIE can quickly transform your building into an intelligent building by using existing data infrastructure.

Improve Employee Experience

ABN AMRO has gone through a process of change. A strong focus on the collection and application of data has made it possible for the facilities department to transform itself from a cost centre to a value centre.

“Facility Management needs to become agile themselves, in how they work and in the services they offer ”

Mark van Rijt
Managing Director of Facility, Management, ABN AMRO Bank