How to Overcome Occupancy Data Blindspots for Hybrid Success

A Guide to unsticking your workplace strategy

Do you check your blind spots before making a move?

If you’re like most workplace leaders, you’re finding yourself making impactful, potentially risky workplace experience and real estate moves with increasing frequency.

And all to often, these decisions unintentionally stall workplace strategy, or have the opposite effect of the one you originally wanted.

The problem is that workplace leaders lack accurate data on how employees are occupying the workplace, resulting in massive occupancy blind spots.

And what does this mean for workplace leaders? Blindly switching lanes.

Tablet Mockup Occupancy Data Blindspots Guide

A deep dive into how to check and overcome occupancy blind spots.

In the guide, we’ll cover:

  • 3 harsh realities every workplace leader is facing today
  • The causes of occupancy blind spots
  • A 3 step framework to overcoming them