Occupancy analytics and timetabling to build a better campus

Hubstar combines powerful real-time occupancy data with streamlined timetabling, helping you build better places to learn, teach and work.


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Why HubStar for Higher Education

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Understand campus occupancy

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Assign courses to the right spaces

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Make data-driven architectural decisions

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Cut costs & carbon emissions


"Hubstar allows us to see how space is being used and occupied, and helps us predict the space we'll need going forward."

Download this case study to see how Sheffield Hallam University is taking the guesswork out of space management and timetabling with HubStar.


No more guesswork. Make the right campus estate decisions with certainty, powered by real-time data.

Campus Estate Decisions

Campus estate decisions, informed by data

Spot under and over-utilized spaces in real time, so you can make sure every square foot is used efficiently.

Data Driven Timetabling

Data-driven timetabling for efficient scheduling

Assign classes to the right-sized spaces. No more overbooking, scheduling conflicts and idle hours.

Campus Wide Occupancy

Holistic overview of campus-wide occupancy

Predict the spaces students, staff and faculty will need in the future and build an adaptable campus.