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HubStar Announces New Approach to Workplace Decarbonization That Saves More Carbon Than a Tesla

December 7, 2023
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HubStar VP of Growth
HubStar Announces New Approach to Workplace Decarbonization That Saves More Carbon Than a Tesla

With Cop28 making the headlines until December 12th, corporations are coming under intense scrutiny to talk the talk and walk the walk when it comes to reducing carbon emissions. Corporate real estate is a considerable contributor to carbon emissions, but there’s much that organizations can do to strategically decarbonize workplace operations on a daily basis. That’s why we’ve used HubStar’s space utilization and workplace experience software to develop a new approach to workplace decarbonization and sustainability. When used effectively, it can save more carbon per desk per year than a Tesla!

LONDON & MARLBOROUGH, Mass.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–HubStar, an industry leader in dynamic workplace management technology, today announced a new approach to workplace decarbonization through monitoring and predicting space utilization in real time.

Buildings account for 37% of global emissions, and since the pandemic, large swathes of office spaces are sitting empty. These underutilized spaces are hindering organizations from taking more effective steps towards workplace decarbonization.

Considering that emissions must be nearly halved by 2030, new tools are urgently needed in workplace decarbonization arsenals. And considering growing public ire that many firms sponsoring COP 28 talks have not yet officially signed onto carbon reduction targets themselves, it’s critical that steps to decarbonization are realistic and built into daily workplace operations to avoid greenwashing.

HubStar’s patented technology helps workplaces improve space utilization by up to 30% and reduce yearly emissions by 270kg per desk – more than a Tesla – while improving workplace experience in the following three ways.

Firstly, by pinpointing underutilized spaces across the office portfolio, organizations can strategically reduce the use of energy and emissions by “soft closing” floors, zones, and even entire buildings on low traffic days.

Secondly, by predicting utilization, organizations can right size the amounts of resources required and reduce waste – for example, reducing food waste by ordering the correct amount of food for the cafeteria.

Finally, HubStar’s patented algorithms match employees with the most efficient meeting rooms and desks when planning a day in the office, cutting back on underutilized space and unnecessary waste.

“Hybrid work holds significant opportunities to unlock new ways for firms to reduce their environmental impact,” said John T. Anderson, CEO of HubStar Group. “Yet there are challenges holding organizations back, given the complex nature of matching people with places and policies without incurring extreme under-utilization and wasted costs and carbon emissions. The patented technology our team has developed, and will continue to expand upon, will empower Corporate Real Estate, Facilities, People and Workplace leaders to improve sustainability, decarbonize the workplace, and right size real estate portfolios, all while delivering superior employee experiences.”



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