Measure, predict and optimize occupancy

Get a true picture of occupancy in a single source of truth, to optimize costs, reduce emissions and create a workplace experience people love.

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Utilization Single Source Of Truth

Your single source of truth

HubStar’s patented algorithms measure utilization and normalize data from any source to give you a clear picture of actual occupancy.

  • Accurately measure actual utilization (with or without sensors)
  • Predict occupancy based on historical patterns
  • Make high value decisions with an out-the-box set of metrics and intelligent suggestions
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Radically reduce hardware costs

Sensors have their place, but few organizations want them in every place, due to costs and timescales.

  • Get an accurate picture of utilization quickly and cost-effectively with WiFi, to make right-sizing decisions at portfolio, floor and zone-level
  • Only install sensors where necessary, radically reducing costs and time-to-value
  • If you have sensors, HubStar’s algorithms combine sensor data with WiFi and Scheduling, for an exceptionally rich, clear view of occupancy
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Manage occupancy in real time

Consolidate buildings and floors to right-size your spaces, reduce energy costs and get the office ‘buzz’ just right.

  • Understand occupancy of buildings and floors
  • Get intelligent consolidation suggestions, with guidance on how many people you can accommodate
  • Shut down ghost town spaces on quiet days to save energy, then guide people into alternative spaces with HubStar Scheduling to deliver the best workplace experience
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Make hybrid working work

Take a data-driven approach to ensuring hybrid working success.

  • Track the success of your efforts to encourage purposeful presence on-site
  • Measure the impact of policy changes to experiment and learn what works
  • Get intelligent recommendations on exactly the size and type of spaces you need to improve workplace experience

Why HubStar Utilization

Single Pane

Single pane of glass

Eliminate your data headaches once and for all. HubStar's advanced algorithms unify your data from any source (e.g. sensors, wifi, booking and access control) to give you a true picture of actual occupancy

Decision Making Metrics

Decision-making metrics

HubStar provides not just comprehensive and accurate data, but a decision improvement toolkit. Get intelligent suggestions to prompt real-time adjustments and make high-value decisions with confidence

Intelligent Suggestions

Intelligent suggestions

HubStar empowers you to take action by offering intelligent suggestions to improve your use of space; and via threshold alerts that prompt you to take corrective action if you're about to reach capacity

Scheduling Integration

Scheduling integration

HubStar can pull in Scheduling data, enabling you to compare planned vs actual occupancy, spot under-utilization due to no-shows and report on the efficiency of spaces based on capacity vs actual usage


Predictive analytics

Go beyond measuring actual occupancy, to predict future occupancy based on historical patterns. See whether office attendance is rising as planned, predict how much food to order for your cafe and more

Hardware Independence

Hardware independence

HubStar's advanced utilization analytics work with WiFi only (sensorless) or with any combination of multiple sensor types in one platform. Future-proof your strategy by remaining vendor and hardware independent

More features to improve your hybrid workplace experience

Floor plan view

Visualize occupancy data on floor plans for a clear picture of utilization at-a-glance

Real-time occupancy

Jump into a live view of actual occupancy right now, e.g. if you get a threshold alert

Threshold alerts

Set threshhold alerts so you and your team get notified if you're close to full capacity

Heatmap view

Visualize occupancy changes over time by replaying historical data with heatmaps

Booking analytics

Compare demand for spaces vs actual usage, analyze no-shows and more

Space scoring

Prioritize actions with color-graded space scores based on efficiency of usage

Single source of truth

Unify data from anywhere (wifi, sensors, badges, scheduling) into a single view

Superior performance

Engineered for performance at scale, so no need to tolerate painfully slow load times

“We will not make any meaningful real estate and workplace decisions without HubStar data.”

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Power up your hybrid workplace experience

HubStar is #1 for interoperability. Plug-and-play integrations like the examples below and more work with the tools you already have. Streamline your hybrid work experience and see value sooner than you think.

WiFi infrastructure

Using anonymized Wi-Fi data HubStar’s patented algorithms provide prescriptive analytics from portfolio to zone-level, powering data-driven real estate decisions.

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Occupancy sensors

HubStar’s patented algorithms unify occupancy sensor data with other sources like WiFi and scheduling to remove data headaches and extract actionable insight.

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Access control

HubStar integrates with access control, unifying badge swipe data with sources like sensors and WiFi, while enabling passive check-in.


BI platforms

HubStar's full API for any data integration supports all of your business intelligence initiatives.

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Authentication / user provisioning

Streamline onboarding with single sign-on and seamless integration with your existing systems for a secure and efficient user management experience.

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5 Space Utilization Metrics for a Better Workplace in 2023

Measuring these 5 space utilization metrics will help you cut costs, improve employee experience and plan for the future.