HubStar Release Stacking Plan

HubStar launches Stacking Plan

Daan Wonnink, Posted July 13, 2021

HubStar (previously known as Lone Rooftop) announces a new solution that provides enterprises with guided space utilization analytics. Our new stacking plan analysis gives you an overview of each whole building to help you quickly and easily compare utilization across different zones, neighborhoods, working concepts or whatever grouping you need. Find out more below.

Never worry about overcrowded zones again

The solution visualizes zones which have the most opportunity for placing more people, so you know which areas to use for overspill if other neighborhoods are getting too crowded. This is all based on peak (rather than average) utilization rates and only suggests there is opportunity for more people if the utilization is below 85%. So you never have to worry about overcrowded zones again.

Assess and act with HubStar’s stacking plan

Alternatively, you can also look at the plan in terms of “time-in-use” so you can identify which areas are the most popular, and which are actually empty some or even most of the time. This means you can find that space that nobody is using but is still providing a drain on your resources (energy, maintenance, cleaning etc etc). As ever with HubStar, you’re able to click in to see the stats behind these numbers, such as how utilization has evolved over time, or which zones are driving this overall average, to help you assess these inefficiencies before you act on any big decisions. 

The ability to see these utilization rates across the whole building in one view, directly contrasting to other spaces in the office gives you real power to optimise your building usage and associated costs.

If you’re interested to learn more about the Stacking Plan, schedule a demo with one of our experts.

Daan Wonnink

Daan Wonnink

Daan loves to be a pioneer and create new ideas. As a marketeer, he is always looking to gain new insights, validating these insights with data. He is driven by long-term vision.

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