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Coworking Trends you must know

As societal views shift from treating COVID-19 as pandemic to accepting conditions as endemic, employers and employees around the globe

By Daan Wonnink on April 21, 2022

Benefits of Sharing Knowledge in the Workplace

In March 2020, as COVID-19 was declared a pandemic by the World Health Organization, seemingly overnight much of the global

By Daan Wonnink on February 8, 2022
Your Conference Rooms Are Already Perfect For The Covid 19 Office 1

Your conference rooms are already perfect for the COVID-19 office

The global virus outbreak has led to our offices being empty. Companies are now defining how to re-enter the office

By Daan Wonnink on July 2, 2020
:blog:helping Workplace Strategists Improve Employee Wellbeing And Drive Sustainability

Helping Workplace Strategists improve employee wellbeing and drive sustainability

As it becomes simpler and cost-effective to collect previously untapped information on buildings, IoT and Big Data are making it

By Daan Wonnink on January 30, 2020
3 Ways Iot Occupancy Optimization Are Leveraged By Corporate Real Estate Managers Today 1

3 Ways IoT and Occupancy Optimization are leveraged by Corporate Real Estate Managers today

There’s no doubt you’ve heard the buzzword ‘IoT’ swirling around the boardroom and read its praises as ‘the next big

By Daan Wonnink on February 6, 2019

Planning for the new norm: A Guide to Return to Office

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