Workplace Strategy Guide

A Post-Pandemic Guide for CRE/FM Innovators

New ways of working promise to unlock new levels of performance and better ways to live. Yet there are challenges holding us back.

In this workplace strategy guide, we’ll delve into those challenges and offer a framework for figuring out the ‘how’, the ingredients and the sequencing, so you can develop a strategy that brings about a brighter future of work.

Introducing... a brighter future of work

What's Inside?

  • Define Workplace Strategy
  • The Evolution of Work
  • Getting Your Workplace Strategy Right
  • Shaping Your Vision
  • Shaping Your Strategy
  • The Top 3 Workplace Strategy Pitfalls
  • Getting Down to Tactics

Some organizations are focusing on creating the workplace of the future, while others are prioritizing hard dollar savings from portfolio reduction or more efficient use of real estate.

Whichever lens you look through, it’s vital to track, measure and predict work patterns and space utilization so you know precisely what’s working and what isn’t.

Workplace strategy

So the first question is, what is your highest priority goal?

  • Is it right-sizing your portfolio and reducing costs?
  • Is it accelerating your return-to-office strategy?
  • Is it optimizing space to improve employee experience by creating the office of the future?
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The Occupancy / Experience Loop

You want people to return to the office to reap all the benefits of collaboration, learning and social connection. Meanwhile you’re trying to learn which spaces and places would provide an awesome experience vs what’s waste or a detractor… but how can you do that if nobody wants to come in?