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How to Optimize Attendance and Collaboration in the Hybrid Workplace


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How to Optimize Attendance and Collaboration in the Hybrid Workplace

Struggling to get people into the office? Return-to-office mandates simply don’t work!

The recent ‘State of Hybrid Work Report’ shows that 66% of workplaces have in-office mandates, while only 22% of employees state this as their preferred working style. What happens when these numbers don’t match? 1 in 3 workers said they would start to look for a new job, and 6% say they would quit!

However, the same study says that 94% of workers say they could be convinced to come to the office – but how?! Broad brush mandates aren’t the answer, so what’s the alternative?

The solution lies in giving everyone a reason to come together, then removing friction that stands between staying at home or actually showing up.

Introducing HubStar Connect – the new workplace experience tool that gives hybrid teams a reason to get together: in-person.

Watch our on-demand webinar and explore:

  • Hybrid trends, mandate wars and the data behind them
  • Strategies for hybrid leadership and meaningful in-person connection using key events
  • How to strike the perfect balance between individual autonomy and teamwork
  • An introduction to Hubstar Connect, a new way to ‘advertise’ your office, optimize attendance and reduce friction

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