On demand webinar overcoming occupancy blind spots

Overcoming Occupancy Data Blind-Spots for Hybrid Success


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Jane Young

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Overcoming Occupancy Data Blind-Spots for Hybrid Success: A Deep Dive for Workplace Innovators

Workplace and real estate leaders are facing the greatest opportunity of our generation to positively disrupt the way we work – but strategies are stalling.


Most workplace leaders don’t have a framework, powered by the right data, for making big decisions like: How much space do we actually need? How should our spaces be designed? What should our hybrid policies look like?

Many are relying on badge swipes and sensors, only to find themselves facing occupancy data blindspots.

Watch this on-demand webinar to explore:

– 3 current realities facing real estate and workplace leaders
– A 3-step plan for shifting from data blindspots to actionable insight
– How to eliminate guesswork and make confident right-sizing and design decisions

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