Workplace Strategy A Post Pandemic Deep Dive For Workplace Innovators

Webinar: Workplace Strategy – A Post-Pandemic Deep Dive for Workplace Innovators


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Jane Young

VP of Growth, HubStar

Workplace Strategy: A Post-Pandemic Deep Dive for Workplace Innovators

Whether you’re in Facilities, CRE, HR or IT/Ops… those of us responsible for workplace experience face the single greatest opportunity of our generation to positively disrupt the way we work – creating a step-change in the quality of our lives, our organizations and the environment.

Watch this 45-minute webinar to explore:

    • A 3-step process for defining a workplace strategy that creates connection while reducing costs

    • The top 3 common pitfalls that lead to epic waste

    • How to gather and use actual and predictive utilization data to drive change

We delve into the art and science of balancing employee experience with the bottom line.

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