HubStar Release Portfolio Insights

HubStar launches Portfolio Insights

Daan Wonnink, Posted June 21, 2021

HubStar (previously known as Lone Rooftop) announces a new solution that provides enterprises with guided analytics on optimization potential in their Corporate Real Estate portfolios. Portfolio insights aggregates insights from utilization sensors across your portfolio to understand how space is consumed – at scale. The new solution is part of HubStar’s Building Intelligence Platform that provides real estate & workplace teams with aggregated utilization data and guided analytics for data-driven decision making. Find out more below!

For Corporate Real Estate teams, the pandemic has put an even bigger spotlight on under-utilization of space. As the world of work transitions to the new hybrid working norm, CRE teams need to be nimble and adaptive in order to optimize portfolios for RTO and beyond. Therefore, we have added new solutions to our suite. We describe them in detail below.

Consolidation statement

Our new Portfolio Insights report provides your CREM team with valuable portfolio and building level utilization data. In addition, we’ve added a smart consolidation statement, which does the data analysis for you. Depending on your portfolio and its utilization, this feature might show you that all buildings in a campus could fit into one or which buildings could be grouped together for more efficient use of space. This solution is a precursor to our restacking and scenario planning suite that will be launched later this year.

New Trends reports

All time series charts now feature trend lines, when there’s an incline or decline in utilization. We’ve added a report on expected future utilization, which shows you the expected hourly utilization for the next 7 days ahead.

We have been writing about zone groups in the past, and with a new stacked chart it’s now possible to easily compare utilization per zone group. In one view, you can now compare the demand over time for different space types, floors or any other form of zone grouping you can think of.

Actionable Metrics reports

To compare various metrics per zone or zone group, our solution now offers the Metrics Comparison in table format. There’s some specific options, such as:

  • all zones that are inefficiently used,
  • all zones that are under-utilized, or
  • zones with high opportunity to add more people.

The Re-entry monitor is now the Bottleneck report, giving you insights into yesterday’s 10 busiest zones. If you’d like to receive them straight into your inbox instead, you can set up automated emails at the click of a button. 

HubStar is a Building Intelligence Platform that provides real estate & workplace teams with aggregated utilization data and guided analytics for data-driven decision making. We enable customers to reduce overall real estate spend while positively impacting employee productivity and workplace experience.

Curious how you can achieve your workplace objectives with utilization insights? Book a demo to learn more. 

Daan Wonnink

Daan Wonnink

Daan loves to be a pioneer and create new ideas. As a marketeer, he is always looking to gain new insights, validating these insights with data. He is driven by long-term vision.

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