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What are zone groups and how could you use them?

February 6, 2020
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Christina Franken
:blog:what Are Zone Groups And How Could You Use Them

A zone group is an archetype of neighborhoods within a building, grouping them based on a common attribute, such as location, function or business unit assigned. Zone groups therefore are a way to segment zones within a portfolio, building, or floor when analyzing space utilization data.

Zone groups in practice

We see that our users often look to make decisions based on utilization data. More often than not, the information they’re gathering requires filtering specifically on certain types of areas.

For example, as a corporate real estate manager you are investigating how to place more people into a building. Youwould realistically only be interested in neighborhoods that are set up for working, leaving restaurants or conference spaces out of the equation. The new “zone group” functionality allows you to narrow your focus to only neighborhoods with the function “work”.

This new feature makes it easy to slice and dice each building exactly the way you’re already used to in your own reporting. 

Two more practical examples of how zone groups can be applied:

1. One business unit occupies 10 zones, and the department head complains that there’s not enough space. When you’re trying to find space for a project team anywhere within these 10 zones, you can now filter on this business unit to narrow your search.

2. A building has two main entrances and two distinct “wings”. Because they are used differently, you’d like to compare Wing A with Wing B instead of viewing the performance per building. 

Benefits of using them

  • Flexibility with fully custom group attributes
  • Slice & dice the building your way, not in a set, rigid hierarchy
  • Track the data of what matters to your organization
  • Easy KPI reporting aligned to your organization’s hierarchy

Let us know if you have any practical applications for this new feature. We’re happy to help!

Christina Franken

Christina Franken

I'm the Product Manager for HubStar's Smart Building tool suite helping companies worldwide to make data-driven decisions about utilizing their building portfolios.

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