Position Intelligence Engine (PIE)

The backbone of smart buildings

Generating 24/7 space utilization insights across your portfolio, enabling Corporate Real Estate to become a better business partner for senior leadership by increasing agility.

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Accelerate data-driven corporate real estate management

PIE (Position Intelligence Engine) is the technology platform that enables smart buildings. By leveraging data sources such as WiFi and sensors, the platform continuously answers the question: ‘how many people are where at what moment in time?’ The answer to this question is the ultimate intelligence needed to improve the employee experience and create efficient, sustainable buildings.

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Planning for the new norm: A Guide to Return to Office & Beyond

Read this guide to get insight into how to plan for the new norm with utilization technology.

Learn more about our solutions

Our solutions enable you to start on a smart building journey from many angles. Work on smart building use cases on a portfolio, building or zone level and improve space utilization. Match the supply and demand of space. And improve the employee experience. Discover our solutions below.


Visualizes space utilization data with actionable insights on your entire real estate portfolio.


Find an available workspace straight from your smartphone.


Enable employees to find available workspaces through visualizing real-time data.


Efficiently match supply and demand of classrooms in educational facilities.


Intelligent data and insights from the PIE platform can be used to enrich 3rd party systems.

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Realtime space utilization platform for data-driven Corporate Real Estate Management

Our cloud-based technology product counts people in buildings through WiFi and sensors and provides data and information to management and employees for safety and compliance. Serving as one centralized platform for all IoT sensors and devices, the platform is the future-proof backbone of your Global Corporate Real Estate Strategies.

More students, decreasing capacity

HubStar’s (previously known as Lone Rooftop) Position Intelligence Engine (PIE) provides Facility Management with new insights in occupancy and use of buildings, while the timetabling team can schedule more lectures within the university’s current capacity.

“Wageningen UR’s Facility Management has as an objective to create an inspirational, functional working and learning environment. Within this objective, FM wants to distinguish itself from other knowledge institutions by taking the position of a frontrunner and trendsetter.”

Joris Fortuin
Head of Integrated Facility Management, Wageningen UR