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Real Estate Management: Everything you should know

Complete real estate management of properties is a full-service approach to real estate. Like everything else, because of the pandemic,

By HubStar on March 4, 2022

COVID Lessons Learned for Corporate Real Estate in order to Thrive

Over the past two year, it has become abundantly clear that COVID-19 dramatically changed the manner in which much of

By HubStar on February 9, 2022

Corporate Real Estate Strategies

The COVID-19 pandemic has upended all facets of the world of work, though perhaps none more so than the dramatic

By HubStar on February 2, 2022

The Most Important Metric in Corporate Real Estate

There are dozens of metrics available in the marketplace to help measure your corporate real estate portfolio. Whether it’s cost per square

By HubStar on December 29, 2021

Corporate Real Estate Management

The role of the office is changing. That is a given. In the world of corporate real estate management this is especially true.

By HubStar on December 28, 2021
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Understanding the Space Management Process

Workplaces have changed because of COVID-19, and in many cases these changes will be permanent. That is no secret. But,

By HubStar on December 3, 2021
cre Investments decrease Facility Costs

CRE investments down by 29%. Facility costs only by 2%. How is that possible?

Corporate real estate (CRE) investments were down by 29% in the first half of 2020, while the same decrease in

By HubStar on December 14, 2020
Space Optimization Trends Pre Post Covid 1

The 3 Pre & Post Covid Space Optimization Trends That Will Define Your Workplace

The workplace is changing. This is not just due to the current corona pandemic, even prior transformational processes in redefining

By HubStar on November 10, 2020
space Optimization Solution Global Rollout

3 Reasons why Space Optimization solutions have not been rolled out globally yet

+ And what you need to make it possible! Space utilization and IoT technologies have been available for several years.

By HubStar on October 6, 2020
:blog:smart Buildings And Data Will Become A Standard Element In The Toolkit Of Every Facility Manager 1

How the City of Breda leverages data to decommission space and improve the employee experience

The Facility Management department within the City of Breda is also responsible for the Cities’ estates. Ludo is responsible for

By HubStar on April 3, 2020

Planning for the new norm: A Guide to Return to Office

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