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HubStar Release Stacking Plan

HubStar launches Stacking Plan

HubStar (previously known as Lone Rooftop) announces a new solution that provides enterprises with guided space utilization analytics. Our new

By Daan Wonnink on July 13, 2021
HubStar Release Portfolio Insights

HubStar launches Portfolio Insights

HubStar (previously known as Lone Rooftop) announces a new solution that provides enterprises with guided analytics on optimization potential in

By Daan Wonnink on June 21, 2021
:blog:how Can It Be That 45 Of Cre Office Spaces Are Empty At Any One Time 1

How Can It Be That 45% Of CRE Office Spaces Are Empty At Any One Time?

Under-utilization of space was a known problem for enterprises pre-Covid. Due to Covid, utilization is now obviously lower than ever.

By Daan Wonnink on January 28, 2021
:blog:smart Buildings And Data Will Become A Standard Element In The Toolkit Of Every Facility Manager 1

Smart Buildings and data will become a standard element in the toolkit of every Facility Manager

Maarten Huikeshoven is a young and talented Facility Manager who works at Vattenfall via D&B The Facility Group. In a

By Daan Wonnink on June 24, 2020
Workplace Analytics Use Cases With Our Updated Dashboard 2

Workplace Analytics use cases with our updated space utilization Dashboard

At HubStar (previously known as Lone Rooftop) we strive to create impact through space utilization data and help enterprises make

By Christina Franken on April 9, 2020
Your Workplace Strategy Heart Space Utilization Data

Why your workplace strategy loves space utilization data

Workplace strategy is on a surge in recent years as more companies recognize the role the office can play in

By Daan Wonnink on March 6, 2020
:blog:what Are Zone Groups And How Could You Use Them

What are zone groups and how could you use them?

A zone group is an archetype of neighborhoods within a building, grouping them based on a common attribute, such as

By Christina Franken on February 6, 2020
What Is The Difference Between Occupancy And Utilization 1

What is the difference between Occupancy and Utilization?

We’re writing this post because there is an ongoing confusion of what the difference between occupancy and utilization of a

By Christina Franken on January 16, 2020

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