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define Your Ideal Hybrid Workplace With Utilization Data

Define your ideal hybrid workplace with utilization data

As companies across the globe are planning their return to office, the prevailing thought is that most employees will want

By HubStar on May 18, 2021
planning For The New Norm A Guide To Rto And Beyond 1

Planning for the new norm – A guide to RTO and Beyond

The pandemic has had a significant impact on how we work today. Most people have been working from home for

By HubStar on March 25, 2021
client Interview University of southwales for USW vision
2 min read

Client interview – University of South Wales

We sat down for an interview with Becky Grant, Leann Thomas & Mike Bessell of the University of South Wales.

By HubStar on March 11, 2021
expert Opinions Will Work From Home Be The New Working Norm

Expert opinions – will work from home be the new working norm?

In our most recent article, I shared my personal view that Working from Home will never be the new norm.

By HubStar on February 25, 2021
will Working From Home Become The New Working Norm 1

Millennial Says WFH Will Never Become the New Working Norm

Since the beginning of the pandemic we are constantly bombarded with new predictions and scenarios of what the future will

By HubStar on February 9, 2021
:blog:how Can It Be That 45 Of Cre Office Spaces Are Empty At Any One Time 1

How Can It Be That 45% Of CRE Office Spaces Are Empty At Any One Time?

Under-utilization of space was a known problem for enterprises pre-Covid. Due to Covid, utilization is now obviously lower than ever.

By HubStar on January 28, 2021
university space utilization 80 Of University Spaces Are Vacant At Any One Time 1
3 min read

Pre-Covid Data Proves That 80% of University Spaces Are Vacant At Any One Time

Low university space utilization was a known problem in higher education pre-Covid. Due to Covid, utilization is now obviously lower

By HubStar on January 14, 2021
cre Investments decrease Facility Costs

CRE investments down by 29%. Facility costs only by 2%. How is that possible?

Corporate real estate (CRE) investments were down by 29% in the first half of 2020, while the same decrease in

By HubStar on December 14, 2020
university student experience and insights for higher education industry
5 min read

Campus Re-entry Insights For The Higher Education Industry

Recently we sat down with our very own Jake van Berkel, who is HubStar’s (previously known as Lone Rooftop) customer

By HubStar on November 30, 2020
Space Optimization Trends Pre Post Covid 1

The 3 Pre & Post Covid Space Optimization Trends That Will Define Your Workplace

The workplace is changing. This is not just due to the current corona pandemic, even prior transformational processes in redefining

By HubStar on November 10, 2020
space Optimization Solution Global Rollout

3 Reasons why Space Optimization solutions have not been rolled out globally yet

+ And what you need to make it possible! Space utilization and IoT technologies have been available for several years.

By HubStar on October 6, 2020

Planning for the new norm: A Guide to Return to Office

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