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HubStar Launches a Revolutionary Space Management Platform that Solves Hybrid Working Once and for All

September 18, 2023
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HubStar VP of Growth
HubStar launches space management platform built for hybrid work

HubStar launches the world’s first dynamic space management solution built for hybrid work. Patented algorithms simplify the complexity that has stumped business decision-makers until now: figuring out the amount and type of office space required to serve employees, no matter how varied their attendance.

*Originally published as a press release on Business Wire.

LONDON & MARLBOROUGH, Mass.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–HubStar, an industry leader in dynamic workplace management technology, today announced the launch of a new hybrid space management solution, HubStar Space.

For years, companies have wasted billions of dollars on grossly underutilized office space, because until now, they had no way of knowing how much space they need, how to reduce real estate footprint without disrupting performance, or how remaining offices should be designed to deliver an experience that’s worth the commute.

“Workplace leaders are facing the greatest opportunity of our generation to positively disrupt the way we work,” said Steve Vatidis, Executive Chairman, HubStar. “Yet figuring out which work patterns and places will deliver the best outcome across three dimensions – your people, your company and the planet – is complex. This transition – from relatively static workplace management to dynamic workplace management – demands flexible, connected approaches, datasets and automation. That’s why the HubStar platform exists and why HubStar Space is essential for delivering a high-performance hybrid workplace.”

Legacy space management tools and approaches that served workplace leaders well up until now can no longer cope with the demands of today’s workforce. Why?

  1. They lack the ability to assign people to spaces based on complex work patterns and preferences, making it impossible to execute an effective hybrid occupancy strategy
  2. They are unable to update floor plans with the speed and accuracy hybrid strategies require, leading to frustration for employees relying on out-of-date office maps

As a result of these shortcomings, space planners face sky-rocketing costs as they attempt to create workarounds and custom code that render systems unsupported, error-prone and requiring untenable person-hours to maintain.

HubStar One – which brings together integrated solutions – HubStar SchedulingHubStar ExperienceHubStar Utilization and now HubStar Space – was built to solve these challenges, empowering workplace leaders to adopt an agile approach to managing continuous change.



HubStar is a next-gen hybrid workplace platform that helps workplace innovators create a productive, connected workplace. Bring teams together in the right place at the right time while optimizing the spaces, facilities and policies they need to collaborate, do their best work and thrive.

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