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How Atrium Health Optimized Exam Room Utilization with Relogix by HubStar

May 16, 2024
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HubStar VP of Growth
Atrium Health case study

Based in Charlotte, North Carolina, Atrium Health is a leading healthcare system with over 900 locations and 10,000+ employees. Here’s how they maximized usage of exam rooms with Relogix’s intelligent occupancy sensors and space analytics platform.

The Challenge

After receiving continuous requests for more space from healthcare providers, Atrium needed a way to get more usage out of their exam rooms. After further investigation, Atrium discovered that exam rooms were being used less than 40% of the time, with many rooms being empty after 3 PM.

With no standardized system for utilization data collection across locations, Atrium needed a way to consistently measure and analyze exam room usage.

What’s more, Atrium needed a way to get more out of existing exam rooms without adding more square footage to the real estate portfolio.

The Relogix Solution

Atrium kicked off a three month pilot with Relogix and placed over 100 sensors in exam rooms, with utilization data being transmitted every minute to Relogix’s analytics platform. The platform easily integrated sensor data with third-party applications as well as scheduling data, patient check-ins, and waiting area usage. The main objective here was to understand best practices for space sharing between clinics.

The Relogix Result

Today, Atrium Health has deployed over 1000 sensors across floors, doctor’s offices and meeting rooms. As a result of improving understanding of space utilization, Atrium Health has improved their space management and scheduling processes.

Get the full story – download the case study PDF here!

Atrium Health case study


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